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Info about wheeling at Moab, Utah Empty Info about wheeling at Moab, Utah

Post by cthomas on Tue Jan 21, 2014 7:32 pm

I have been approached numerous times with requests for information on 4 wheeling at Moab, Utah.  Here is some information to help those of you contemplating a trip there.  By far, the most asked questions have been related to Trail information. 

The best source of information on Moab trails lies at the website of the Red Rock 4 Wheelers, Sponsors of the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab. Their website is at http://www.rr4w.com
From their homepage, locate and click on the "Trail" link: http://www.rr4w.com/trails.cfm and you will see all the different most popular trails in the Moab area.  The little picture associated with each trail contains the rating for that trail.  One should note that RR4W uses a 1-9 rating system. This rating system, along with general area map of trails, and much more is contained in their Safari newspaper which is reprinted yearly around January.  A .pdf copy can be downloaded at this link for the 2014 edition. 
If this link doesn't work try checking under their "Events" link on the home page.  This newspaper contains complete trail info, maps of town and trails, lots of ads for anything and everything 4 wheelers are interested in for the Moab area, etc.  And, don't forget to check the faq section for more info.

RR4W trail descriptions list and discuss trail rating, scenery, trail description, length of trail (on and off road), and reccommended basic vehicle requirements to be able to do the trail.  One of my favorites is Steel Bender.  Check it out at
http://www.rr4w.com/trail-details.cfm?trailid=46 so you can see what a trail description looks like.

Moab trails tend to be quite long compared to TN local area trails.  Steel Bender is typical with 30 miles total, 15 miles of it offroad.  Also, many trails will not end up back at the trail head where you start, so if your trailering your rig choose your trail accordingly.  Most Moab trails have numerous split-off trails so ending up on the wrong trail is possible.  If you don't know the trail well, it is best to have a knowledgeable Trail Leader or use a GPS with a track of the trail preloaded.  For many, if not all the trails listed under the RR4W website, one can down load a .kml track file for loading onto a GPS or Tablet. Look for the download link at the bottom of the trail description.

Another source of gps maps for Moab can be found at the GPS File Depot http://www.gpsfiledepot.com
Use the search box to select USA and Utah.  Scroll down the alphabetic list to find "Moab Trails 2013" created by Bob Tizer. There is a free to use download for Windows or Mac version of Moab area trail maps and trail tracks.  I use the free Garmin BaseCamp software to manage and transfer Bob's tracks and or the map to my Garmin unit or tablet.

Things to consider about Moab:
It gets quite hot there in the summer time, and snows in the winter.  Moab is located at 4300 feet, and most trails will be at 5000 - 6000 feet with one as high as 7500 feet elevation.  The week before Easter is always Easter Jeep Safari and if you are not signed up for it and are there at that time few trails will be open to you.  Actually, I think that Jeep Safari is the best way for a first timer to get introduced to Moab 4 wheeling and the trails.  It is nothing like the eastern states at all.

Pack extra food and lots of water.  If you get broken down on the trail it may be too far to hike out in a day.  Give the front desk (RV park or Motel) a note telling who all is going where and time expected back and who to contact if you have not checked in by a certain time.  This becomes more important if there is only going to be 2 vehicles in the group.  Definately do not go out alone with a single vehicle.  Most RV Parks and motels will have a number of 4 wheeling rigs (ATV, side by side, Jeep,etc.) staying there so hooking up with someone to wheel with is easy to do.

Project JK has put together a professionally made 6 part video Titled: Moab: Pilgrimage To The Promised Land.  It can be viewed at http://wayalife.com/showthread.php?45-MOAB-Pilgrimage-to-the-Promised-Land-6-Part-Series
This video portrays an excellent depiction of 4 wheeling at Moab, and is well worth the time to see it.

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Info about wheeling at Moab, Utah Empty Re: Info about wheeling at Moab, Utah

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:31 pm

Thanks Chuck. Good info.


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